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Dress Code

DRESS CODE   GWHS believes that all students should wear clothing to school that fits well, reflects  pride in oneself, is conducive to the learning process and demonstrates respect for the  school and others.  Additionally, we believe that high school is a transitional time for  students to prepare for the workplace.  Therefore, students will adhere to the dress  code rules described on the student Conduct Code grades 7-12 of the Visalia  Unified School District.   The principal/designee shall have the discretion to prohibit any student from wearing  any attire that is disruptive and distracting to the learning environment or the safety of  the students.  (Ed. Code 3529.5)   Any violation of the dress code will result in a warning to the student and parents will be  contacted. Students may be sent home to dress properly or change into appropriate  attire at school.  Continual infractions will result in other alternative consequences  and/or suspension for defiance of authority.     For questions of interpretation or clarification, call 730-7803