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Sophomores are three years away from high school graduation. There are many important things to think about to reach the goal of receiving a high school diploma and entering post-secondary options.
    1.  Meet with your counselor to evaluate your school transcript to make sure you are taking the appropriate classes for graduation and college
    1. Begin planning what you want to do after high school.
    • College? Do I qualify? Four-year? Two-year? Trade/Tech School? Military? Work?
    1. Research post high school choices. Also, go to college fairs in the area.
    1. College bound students should take the PSAT in March.
    • This test prepares you for the college entrance SAT exam
    • It is given at Golden West only one day in October.
    • Space is limited. You have to read the bulletin to know when and where to sign up.
    1. Get more involved in school and with your extracurricular activities. Join a club or a leadership class like ASB or Link Crew. Go out for a sport or take a fine arts class.
    1. Volunteer in the community or for your church.
    1. Maintain your grades and achieve a grade of “C” or better in A-G courses. A GPA of 2.0 or greater is required to play sports. You can keep track of your grades, assignments, and attendance on your PowerSchool Student Portal. 
    2. If you are having trouble in any of your classes, please visit our Tutorial Center and talk to your teachers, your counselor and your parents. DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE END OF THE SEMESTER TO GET HELP! YOUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT!