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Juniors are only two years away from high school graduation. There are many important things to
think about to reach the goal of receiving a high school diploma and entering post-secondary options.
1. Meet with your counselor to evaluate your school transcript to make sure you are
taking the appropriate classes for graduation and your post high school plans. We do this
every year during registration, so if you don’t get to touch base with your counselor sooner,
that’s ok.
2. If there are any courses you need to repeat in order to reach your goals, now is a great
time to get started. Speak to your counselor to determine if you have space in your schedule to
do so.
3. If you are having trouble in any of your classes, utilize Wednesday, RTI time. If you’re
not sure when to meet with your teacher please email them prior to Wednesday in order for
them to provide you with a zoom link and schedule a time to attend. We will have a set RTI
schedule in the coming weeks. PLEASE DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE END OF THE SEMESTER
5. Begin planning what you want to do after high school. You are getting closer to
graduating from high school. We’d really recommend logging in to CCGI and taking an interest
inventory to help you narrow down some ideas for life after high school. You also want to think
about the following:
- College? Do I qualify? Four-year? Two-year? Trade/Tech School? Military? Work?
6. Research post high school choices. Also, go to college fairs in the area.

○ California Colleges-The official source for college and career planning in California-

○ The California State
○ Go to Plan for College, then fill out the High School Planner
○ Explore Campuses
○ University of California-
○ Begin speaking to a recruiter if you are interested in the military and take the ASVAB

7. Get more involved in school and with your extracurricular activities. Join a club or a
leadership class like ASB or Link Crew if you haven't already done so. Go out for a sport or
take a fine arts class. All of this involvement looks great when you are applying for
8. Volunteer in the community. Again, this is beneficial when applying for scholarships.
We recommend volunteering regularly as doing so makes it more likely that your organization
will provide you with a letter of recommendation when needed for scholarships.